The MSI-Deafblindness Forum is moderated by Dr Liz Hodges of the University of Birmingham.

What is the MSI-Deafblindness Forum?
The MSI-Deafblindness Forum is an e-mail discussion list for qualified professionals working in the field of Deafblindness.  Messages posted to the forum, via email, are automatically sent to all members.

The purpose is to share good practice, to ask and share questions and queries, and to disseminate research, information and ideas relating to Deafblindness. It is chiefly related to education and learning.

 The value of the forum is:

  • It is free to join
  • It provides an opportunity to exchange views and opinions with similarly qualified professionals.  
  • It allows professionals to share expertise and questions within a safe space
  • It can reduce professional isolation.

Members of the forum need to be aware of the public nature of exchanges and ensure that they are not compromising their organisations when they reply, as replies are sent to the forum list (not the indivdual who sent the original message) by default.

We operate the usual basic courtesy rules.  Please be supportive and reflective in your postings.

Members can post fliers for events or jobs, but please make sure that these are entirely related to deafblindness.  Make sure that an email address is included in the body of your message to which people can reply, so these replies do not go to the forum.

Who can join the MSI-Deafblindness forum?

To join the forum, you must have a substantial specialist qualification in Deafblindness/MSI. The forum is open to teachers and other professionals who have such a qualification working in the field.  Membership applications are reviewed by the moderator before access is granted.

How to join the forum:

Complete the online form you can find here.